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Savvy patients who know what they want for their oral health are choosing Dr. Kakos and the team at Naperville Center for Advanced Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry to complete their Naperville cosmetic dentistry. High-quality care isn’t simply something we say we do, we show you with lasting, quality results and how good it feels. While everything we do, from full-mouth restorations to teeth whitening, has an aesthetic and functional purpose, it’s never more notable than in Naperville cosmetic dentistry, where you can expect to dramatically, yet naturally enhance your smile. Discover the new you at Naperville Center for Advanced Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Porcelain veneers

One of the most requested Naperville cosmetic dentistry treatments is life-changing porcelain veneers. Thanks to the advancements in dental care, the translucent quality of your porcelain veneers provides a natural, yet enhanced look for you and your smile.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Minimal prep veneers are very similar to regular porcelain veneers. As their name suggests, this type of veneer requires less preparation of your natural teeth prior to placement. Like regular veneers, placing minimal prep veneers on your teeth requires a high degree of skill and aesthetics knowledge.

Full-Mouth Restorations

A full-mouth restoration is a unique experience for every patient in that it includes a series of procedures that are personalized to your oral health needs. A full-mouth restoration is generally completed over multiple visits to rebuild your smile to pure perfection.

Crown Lengthening

One of the lesser-known treatments we use in Naperville cosmetic dentistry is crown lengthening. It’s a simple procedure but requires skill and an aesthetic approach. We can adjust the position of your gums for a less “gummy smile” or to support a dental crown.

Gum Recontouring

Like crown lengthening, gum recontouring is a fairly easy procedure that we can complete in the comfort of our office, without a trip to a specialist. We can remove excess gum tissue or to rid infection in the event of recession. In the end, more of your tooth structure is exposed.

Composite Bonding

If you’re considering Naperville cosmetic dentistry, you might want to ask us if you’re a candidate for composite bonding. The procedure can be completed in one office visit and will rid your smile of chips, cracks, discoloration, and more.

Tooth Recontouring

Another treatment we can use to balance your smile is tooth recontouring. It can be your only procedure or used as part of a full-mouth restoration. It effectively gets rid of small chips, overly pointed teeth, and slightly irregular-shaped teeth.

Smile Whitening

Do you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look your best? Smile whitening is the quickest and easiest way to get the results you’re looking for. We offer both at-home and in-office smile whitening treatments that are effective at brightening dull teeth.

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